Sep 26, 2009

Sichuan Bird Watching - Streaked Barwing

Sichuan bird guiding with Sid and Meggie Francis – - Chengdu the gateway to the birds of Sichuan.
We've just found a way to circumnavigate the China firewall which has been blocking us from putting pictures on our blog - and once again we can now publish illustrated articles onto this blog - that is untill the next trick from the censors.

We also have Sichuan birdwatching thread at birdforum - we hope birders can find some useful info in there, or use the thread to ask us questions about their Sichuan visit - you'll find it at -

We've just returned from a short Sichuan trip where we took our client onto the area around the Old Erlang Road - and were lucky enough to find Streaked Barwing.

The Old Erlang Road is track that used used to be the driving road on the G318 highway that leads from Chengdu to Kanding, and ultimately to Lhasa. The road has now been replaced by a tunnel - and is now just a track - winding up the Erlang mountain making for 30 km of great birding.

You can find more pics and info on this area in our Sichuan birding thread at birdforum.

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